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    Making Mongolian Education a Global Brand:
    – To achieve this we will once again connect Mongolian people to the world by partnering with the best of the world’s educational Institutions


    Student centered: We are student centered and we strive to ensure that studies fully fits in with the students’ active participation and anxiety for knowledge.
    Problem based: Our studies follow International standards and are conducted in a Problem-based learning (PBL) mode. This is in line with a student-centered pedagogy in which students learn about a subject in the context of complex, multifaceted, and realistic problems.
    Integrated: We focus more on an integrated approach to enable the student to have a holistic approach of the course given.
    Community based: The significance of the study should emphasize and fully meet the community’s demands and requirements.
    Efficiency: We believe that efficiency is not only the key to success but also provides the basis for success and are therefore indispensable.
    Systematic: We develop our curriculum in a systematic manner that gives us our unique consistence.


    P – Professionalism Gain the intellectual profit – it’s a life time investment

    -A – Ambition Be optimistic, create ideas and foster a positive ambition to
    reach your dream
    -S – Sincerity Be honest and sincere in everything you do
    -S – Strength Understand your strengths and take advantage of them whilst
    turning your weaknesses into strengths
    -I – Innovation Be a pioneer and take that initiative to be the first to come up with
    a new idea
    -O – Optimism Be hopeful and look positive without being discouraged by some
    difficulties along the way
    -N – Never Never give up; go all the way to the finishing line

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